Top Tips For Dealing With Your Child Starting Child Care

You’ve done the research into the best Canadian childcare solutions, you’ve visited a couple of potential carers, and you’ve made the decision on the one best suited to your child. However, when it comes to their first day, your child simply does not want to say goodbye, and their protests are loud and clear!

If this situation sounds familiar, you are in good company, and many parents have had to deal with a child who is not too happy about their first day in childcare. But, what can you do to avoid the risk of your child having a bad initial childcare experience? 

This article aims to give you a few tips on making your child have a stress-free transition into childcare, whether you live in Quebec, Vancouver, or somewhere in-between.

Prepare Your Child

You should try to prepare your child as much as possible for them to start childcare. Talk to them about it positively, and explain what is going to happen.

Visit The Carer’s Home

It is a good idea that you take your child to the carer’s home before they actually start in childcare. A visit with the carer along with you will show them that they will be safe. They can become familiar with the surroundings and ask any questions they need to while you are together with the carer.

Arrive Early

When it comes to the first day of care, arrive at the carer’s home early. Being early will allow you the time to settle your child into things slowly before you leave for work. It also means that you are not getting stressed about being late for work, which your child will pick up on. They might even get engrossed in some activity and notice, or be bothered, about you leaving! 

Take a Familiar Object

If your child has a favorite object or toy that gives them comfort, you should consider taking that along on the first day. Having this with them may well keep them from feeling anxious and stressed at you not being there.

Consider Your Feelings

Don’t neglect the way you are feeling. Being anxious or stressed yourself when you say goodbye will project these onto your child. Only get into a childcare arrangement if you are comfortable with the situation.

Say Bye To Your Child

Sneaking out of the carer’s home while your child is not watching you might be useful for you, but it could be stressful for your child. Take time to say ‘bye’, and tell your child you will be back for them after work.

Have Someone Else Deliver Your Child 

It might be that your child does not like being left by you, and the experience will be less stressful if someone else takes thyme to their carer. If this is the case, ask your partner, friend, or family member to drop your child off at the carer’s home. 

Speak With The Carer

Chances are that your carer has been through this before, with lots of different children. They’ll be able to give you some advice or suggestions on how to handle the situation.

Be Consistent

All children like routine, and Canadian kids are no different. Avoid making any other drastic changes to your child’s life while they settle into their childcare routine.

Give Them Time

Understand that some children adjust to change quicker than others. Give your child time to adapt, and try not to make a big issue of the matter – in time, they will settle.

Lookout For Any Other Issues

Be careful not to let their reaction to this new situation screen you from detecting some other issue. Not all children will fit with all carers, 


Canadian parents all over the country eventually face the challenge of leaving their children while they go to work. Hopefully, when it comes to leaving your child, things will go smoothly. If there are any issues, maybe using some of these childcare tips will make things easier for your child and you.